Bryn Mawr's Ladder Truck Heads for Wisconsin
By Member Jeffrey Josephson
May 24, 2018

Today marked the end of an era for Bryn Mawr Fire Company's current Ladder 23. A Rosenbauer quint with a 100' aerial ladder, 500 gallon tank and a crew cab for 6, Ladder 23 is a critical piece of the firefighting arsenal at Bryn Mawr Fire Company. Today we wish our brothers and sisters at Elkhart Lake Fire Department the best with their newest fleet member as they take the Rosenbauer west to Wisconsin. Back here in Bryn Mawr we're getting ready to receive our new E-One quint to take us into the next chapter of our history. Stay tuned for updates.


Jay Gregg May 24, 2018 at 6:49 PM
I just passed it near mile marker 96 on Ohio Turnpike