Firefighter 1 Class: Fire Ground Support @ BMFC
By FF/Officer Richard Schwarz
March 2, 2020

Members from the Bryn Mawr Fire Company, the Gladwyne Fire Company, Merion Fire Company of Ardmore, the Belmont Hills Fire Company, and Radnor Fire Company all participated in the Montgomery County Fire Academy FF1 class; Fire Ground Support. This is part two of a four part evolution to obtain the 192 hour Firefighter 1 certificate and was taught at the Bryn Mawr Fire House. The training covers everything that a firefighter will need to understand the basics of firefighting. This includes: fire behavior, ropes/knots, fire hoses, ladders, forcible entry, hazardous materials, CPR/First Aid, ventilation, fire extinguishers, hands on tests and evaluations.

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